Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Unclog Your Temptu Air Pods (When Nothing Else Works)

 I love my Temptu system, but sometimes I cannot get an air pod unclogged to save me. I have returned probably 1/3 of the pods I have bought because they clogged up completely. The highlighter pods are especially bad at becoming clogged.

The Temptu site is about useless for information on how to unclog your pods. I have finally learned a trick that seems to work where all else has failed.  That tip has saved me from having to return my latest highlighter pod, so I hope it continues to work.

To unclog an air pod, try each of the following.  Only continue to the next tip if the one before it does not work.  Remember to shake well before trying your pod again.  The new trick I learned is #3.

Tip One 
This is the tip most Temptu owners already know.  Poke valve with poker provided in the air pod cap.  Make sure you are holding the pod vertically while you do this.  Shake well and try again.

Tip Two
You may or may not know this one.  Pump air into the pod by pulling up on the little plastic loop handle next to the air valve.  At first it may be hard to get it to lift, but it will give way.  Then pump it a few times while pressing it against your hand.  When this happens, some product might be released from the nozzle of the pod.  When you try this pod again, don't spray directly on your face, because if this works to unclog your pod, your pod will likely spray heavily and unevenly for a second or two.

Tip Three
If the first two tips don't do it, this one hopefully will.  Put your pod in your Temptu system and turn the system on.  Put the tip of the pod against the back of your hand and pull the trigger and hold for a second or two.  That's it!  Well, almost -- you will most likely have to repeat tip number two after doing this for it to finally work.

Update:  Tip number three worked initially for my highlighter pod, but it has since clogged in between each use.  I find the best thing to do is to repeat Tip #2 over and over again, until a good amount of product is coming out onto your hand while you pump.  Then, when you can get the pod to actually spray, use tip number three before you shut off your pod.  This has helped prevent the clogging a bit for me.  Time will tell if it helps to alleviate the problem.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes!  And if you have any additional tips, please share!