Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fall Manicure - Nail Stamping Manicure - Gradient Manicure

 Today I'm going to tell you how I did this simple yet beautiful fall manicure.  I used the following polishes and stamping plate:

  • Nail Polish:  Kleancolor Metallic Yellow
  • Nail Polish:  OPI S-age is Just a Number
  • Nail Polish:  China Glaze Jamaican Out
  • Nail Polish:  Konad Special Polish Brown
  • Bundle Monster Plate BM-H11 from the BM Holiday Set

The base for this manicure is a simple gradient.  I am not going to give a complete tutorial here on doing a gradient.  I might post one later but you can also search -- there are many tutorials available already.  Here is a link to a good tutorial on how to do a gradient.  For the gradient I used the Kleancolor Metallic Yellow for the base (one coat), then the second color was the OPI S-age is Just a Number, and the tip color was China Glaze Jamaican Out.

After that was done I did some cuticle cleanup and waited for everything to dry.  I then stamped my nails using the BM-H11 plate and my brown Konad stamping polish.  For my fingers I used the full nail leaf image and for my thumb I used the wheat image.  Finally, I used a dotting tool with the stamping polish to fill in the empty space on my thumb. 

Viola!  This manicure only took about an hour to do.  It was really fun, and had a lovely result that got rave reviews.

Want to see more manicure ideas from me?  Go ahead and follow me, and I'll be getting more of these posts up before you know it!  I always have something fun on my nails.  And please leave comments, I'd love to hear from you!