Sunday, January 18, 2015

St. Merry by Gogo Only Stamping Plate Review

A brand new plate manufacturer showed up on Amazon a couple weeks ago.  The manufacturer name is Gogo Only and they have a released a single plate called "St. Merry". This is an extra large plate that comes in a pretty sleeve, priced at $12.99.  It has 50 full sized images and 10 single images:

 Naturally I had to buy the plate right away!  Look at all those cute designs. For only $13, this plate was calling to me.  I ordered it with my prime shipping and it arrived two days later.  At the request of many ladies, I then proceeded to make a You Tube video review.  The synopsis is that it is a GREAT plate that I highly recommend!  To see my complete review of the plate including image sizes and swatches, check out the video below:

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