Saturday, August 15, 2015

Summer's Last Hurrah Indie Box Spoiler

Hi Everyone! This is Brandie from Nail Hoot. I am taking part in a fabulous collaboration with ten "up and coming" indie brands. All of us have launched within the past year. We wanted a way for people to sample all these fabulous brands, so we created one AWESOME box! This box contains TEN full sized indies, and boy do we have a variety box! There's something here for everyone! Oh, and you'll also find lots of little extra surprises hidden in your box too :) 

This post is simply a place to bring together all the swatches we have for our polishes to help you make the decision to buy our box. So sit back and scroll! We've got LOTS of eye candy for you here. When you are done, head on over and buy our box! It is going up for sale in under three hours from now. 

Price: $85 Shipped
Quantity: 50 boxes, to be mailed by Sept 14th.
                                         50 additional boxes, to be mailed by Oct. 12th.

 Let's get to the swatches, shall we?!

Nail Hoot Lacquer  - "Summer's Demise" is a hot, molten orange-pink polish with gold sparkle that shines through. It represents a steamy, sultry sunset as summer draws to its inevitable conclusion.

Frenzy Polish - "Seafoam". This is a textured/sand finish polish designed to be worn without a top coat, but you can add one if you'd like to bring out the sparkles more! Reminiscent of the teals and blues of an ocean wave frothing at your feet and the sun sparkling on the water.

 Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer - "Beach Bunny" - A vibrant purple holographic polish. How HOT are you wearing this color, while hanging out on the beach? This bunny may look all sweet and innocent, but she is one HOT number!

Turtle Tootsie Polishes - "Air Clearance".  This is a beautiful sparkly bluish teal holographic polish.  Think of diving into a refreshing blue pool of cool water.  You just HAVE to take a dip in this polish!

 Ladybug Lacquer - "Blowing Bubbles" A bubblegum pink polish accented with white dot glitter. Hanging out with your girlfriends, go back to your childhood with this polish.  During an endless Summer of front-porch swinging and working on your tan lines, popping bubbles and swapping gossip!

 Top Shelf Lacquer - "Sex on the Beach" - A dark pink jelly polish with holographic glitter. Bow-chicka-bow-ow no explanation needed on this one. Who hasn't had THIS fantasy before?

 Gunpowder Lacquer  - "Whistling Bayou" - A teal green jelly with holo and iridescent flakies that gently sweeps you away like the slow-moving water and trilling hum of the Bayou.

 Midwest Lacquer - "Solstice"  In its warm phase, this is a cornflower blue, in its cold phase, a vibrant purple. Pink, blue, and purple multi size flakes accent this celestial beauty.

Anchor & Heart - "Bikini top" This is a Lush green polish with flashes of blue, green and gold flakies, the perfect "Bikini Top" color

 LoreLei Lacquer - "Sticky Popsicle Fingers" - A lavender pink cream base with blue, purple and pink metallic and holo glitter in multiple sizes.  What's the best thing on a hot summer day? A creamy berry popcicle with chunks of blueberries and strawberries! You'll find yourself wanting to lick your fingers, it's so good!

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